Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Austria was a little bit late on the scene but they really had Beat/Garage and Psychedelic Bands. See for yourself and give this compilation a listen.

1. Charles Ryders Corporation - White Flames (Vienna - Decca D 19.941 - 1968)
2. Brand Brothers - Rainy
Nights (Vienna - VCR 45-6263 - 1968)
3. Slaves - Slaves Time (Vienna - Philips 339414 PF - 1966)
4. Novak's Kapelle - Hypordemic Needle (Vienna - Amadeo AVRS 21539 - 1968)
5. Hide & Seek - Riven Street (Graz [Styria] - Amadeo AVRS 21561 - 1970)
6. Expiration - And The World Will Be A Bird (Vienna - VCR 45-6266 - 1968)
7. Slaves - Get Out Of My Way (Vienna - Philips 339416 PF - 1966)
8. Meadows - Future (Vienna - Polyphon Lohnpressung 019-69 - 1969)
9. Jack Grunsky - Sally McGregor (Vienna + Toronto - Amadeo AVRS 21520 - 1968)
10. Seals - Around The World (Vienna - Amadeo VCP 1398 - 1969)
11. Earls - Say The Word (Vienna - Polyphon-Lohnpressung 03-68 - 1968)
12. Hide & Seek - Crying Child (Graz [Styria] - Amadeo AVRS 21584 - 1970)
13. Desperates - LSD (Bregenz [Vorarlberg] - CCA 5030 - 1966)
14. Lamberts - Crazy Time (Austria - Private SBTL 057 001 - 1971)
15. Seals - Stop This War (Vienna - Amadeo VCP 1398 - 1969)
16. Hit Nuts - Dead End Street (Austria - Steyr-Puch 17-601 - 1966)
17. Novak's Kapelle - Smile Please (Vienna - Amadeo AVRS 21559 - 1969)
18. Slaves - Panic (Vienna - Philips 339416 PF - 1966)
19. Les Hammond Singers - Du bist meine Welt (Austria - Accordia AC 295 - 1968)
20. Hide & Seek - The Beggar Of St. Pair (Graz [Styria] - Amadeo AVRS 21561 - 1970)
21. Skin - Stop The Light (Graz [Styria] - Alpenton HH 74-5-46 - 1972)
22. Les Marquis - Fire Horses (Salzburg - VCR 456265 - 1968)
23. Roletts - You Say Yeah! (Carinthia - Cosmos 2232 - 1971)
24. Expiration - It Wasn't Right (Vienna - VCR 45-6266 - 1968)
25. Slaves - Shut Up (Vienna - Philips 339415 PF - 1966)
26. Hide & Seek - I Can Fly (Graz [Styria] - Amadeo AVRS 21584 - 1970)
27. Novak's Kapelle - Doing That Rhythm Thing (Vienna - Amadeo AVRS 21539 - 1968)

Get Part 1 here
Get Part 2 here

(Artwork included)


weana bluad said...

Sharebee is down or doesn't seem to work...

Travnicek said...

Are you going to do something about it, or are you happy enough to have us salivating over the tracklist without a chance of ever getting to hear the stuff?
You must be from Vienna....

Buffalo Billycan said...

It looks like that Sharebee is down at the moment (Great! Right as I've started this blog!). If there isn't any improvement the next two days I will upload the compilation with another file host.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Buffalo Billycan

Anonymous said...

hey, this looks awesome, thx!
cheers from nyc, ksn

michael vee said...

great selection with a lot of tracks uncomped, thanks a lot!


Pep Sonic said...

Very good initiative in this blog!!!. Great compilation for Austria. Thanks for the music and info.

Rubens Drix said...

thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Buffalo B,

heard it last night ...I think this is the very first compilation on Austria in the 60s.... unheard to my ears where the Brand Brothers, The Meadows, Jack Grunsky,Hide& Seek's Cryin' Child, Les Hammond Singers and the Rollets, all great tracks.. very nice compilation over all, and professional art work... can't wait for the next sequel... again kudos and thanks a lot!


PS: BTW, who /what is "evolver's you-tube presentations"...?

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi MichalVee,

the "evolver's you-tube presentations" hide behind the "Ressources"-link in the Austria section. It's called "Trash Rock Archives Part I + II". The url is www.evolver.at/stories/Trash_Rock_Archives_Beat_in_Oesterreich_I.

Anonymous said...

Your work is massive. last summer I was in amsterdam and Brugge on holyday (I´m spanish) and I was asking about books of 60s groups from holland or belgium...Nobody had any information, but now I find the information on your blog of belgium. FANTASTIC WORK!!!



Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi voodoovec,

I think Czechoslovakia are in for it next. Like I said in my blog description everything will take time. There's a lot of research doing and this could take weeks/months/years. But I thought somebody should do this discographies (and I still don't know if I'm the right one). In case of Holland this will take time too because I'm geared to the ABC. This means the further countries will be Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary and then Holland. I will omit the countries with a different diction for now (like Bulgaria, Greece ect.).

Anonymous said...

I Like some czeq groups like matadors. I was in prague too and I Bought 2 albums of olympics and one of flamingo. All the albums are very good and I put in the blog 1pocodmusica time ago. Your work will be excellent because I think there aren't a lot of information of the music of this countrys.

Many thanks (and sorry for my english)


Aldo said...

Hi OldBuffalo!
great stuff...and a bit of an overwhelming project!
i stayed away from blogland lately and i just found out about this, which is really down my street...
i'll be happy to help in the future, even though i'm not sure if i'll have the time....i'm about to change continent (i'll be in Spain at least for few months).
i'm looking forward to hear this...
there's enough here i haven't heard but i do know and love those Slaves tracks and those crazy Novak's Kapelle...i'm a great fan of the Prae-Kraut comps.
wishing you all the best!

Sixtus said...

Very, very great compilation.
Thx a lot - especially for your work and what is to come!
Greets from Austria!

Christopher Fast said...

Great stuff. Can I put in an early request for a seperate Scottish discog? So often the Scottish beat scene just gets lost in the vastness of that of the UK as a whole. If you do, I have a half finished discog I'd be happy to share.

aldo said...

Quite right Christopher!
Scotland deserves its own space with the likes of the Poets, Beatstalkers, Anteeeks and the many lesser known 60s groups!

sfdoomed said...

This is a cool idea for a new direction with your music blog. There are definitely some people out here who appreciate the great job you do. Thanks!

Psyence Guy said...

Thanks, this is great, sure they're Austrian? There english are really well.

montysmusic said...

good luck with your new forum great site and look forward to maNY visits
thanks philpotty

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea for a blog! So many of these countries get ignored in psych comps and even finding info on the bands can be hard. I'm very happy about your project and what you've done so far is great.